One hundred "100" years ago, an alien species called the "Anunnaki" attacks Earth and kills millions of people, but Commander Strogonof stops the invasion. Commander General Strogonof proclaimed (Azazel IV, fear of the gods) that he crashed his plane carrying a nuclear payload into an alien ship, repelling the rest of the invasion fleet. In response to the attack, Humanity unites into a single nation creating the human faction, training children to be pilots and troops of the interplanetary army. in order to protect humanity from future invasions, taking the initiative to send legions on missions of reconnaissance and conquest of planets, solar systems and galaxies in which hostile species can inhabit to protect the species and collect viltrumite, the most precious material in the universe..

The story of Strogonof AzazelIV.

Strogonof joins the ranks of the army as a "rookie" at the Air Force School. You are shown your accommodation, classes and a jewel of crystal called "Viltrumite". Although Strogonof initially belittles himself, he earns the respect of his peers when he tests the authority of the commanding generals. In his spare time, Strogonof has a show called "War Tactics", where he is presented with a no-win scenario. Frustrated, He decides to annihilate the fleets that carried with them a smaller number of small ships but a few large ones in order to find who commanded the fleet, something Commander Elon Musker had never seen before in a cadet. Strogonof is transferred to the Command Squad, led by Commander Elon Musker. Strogonof continues to reflect in his mind, where he meets an anunnaki fleet allied with different species preparing for a new invasion, where he faces the invading fleets, but then sees humanity and wakes up from the dream when he hears the voice of commander elon musker offering him a promotion for his great performance. Elon Musker gives Strogonof command of the Demon Squad, a group of talented cadets but lacking a strategic leader. tailored As the Demon Squad increases their experience in simulated combat, Commander Elon engages them in a battle against 5 squads at once, including the most advanced squad of the school. Although they are at a severe disadvantage, Strogonof devises a strategy for victory. After being victorious in the combat exam Strogonof and Elon Musker hear the proximity alert alarms and go to their ships to fight against the threat that stalked them, a large fleet near their home planet, Elon musker tells Strogonof that he will be remembered as a hero by the sacrifice he has decided to make by piloting the ship with a nuclear charge and giving his life for the good and prosperity of his species.