Invade Planets

invade and conquer

To invade planets you need to create powerful legions of warrior pilots and beast ships. Your legions will be able to invade once every 24 hours and if they are successful, they will earn $Viltrumite.
The stronger the invading civilization is on the Kardashev scale, the more difficult it will be to conquer. Only the strongest legions can attempt to defeat the most advanced empires; however, if they are successful, the rewards will be incalculable. Every time you start an invasion, win or lose, you pay a tax of 2.5% of the profits in Busd.
The tax can be adjusted based on the AI ​​robot automaton. By using the "mass invasion" button, you can allow your available legions to join the invasion at the same time to invade the most dangerous planet. This function has exactly the same result as if you were to invade with each legion individually.
Invading and conquering these civilizations is no task for novice commanders, and winning or losing will permanently damage your legions.
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