NFTs that are at the base of the game:

1 How to earn

In cryptomine space x you will be able to command legionary fleets, which you will be able to use to invade planets and conquer civilizations that endanger humanity.
The Cryptomine Space X ecosystem will allow you to: summon and trade valuable NFTs, use legionary fleets to invade planets, and trade $Viltrumite.
Successfully invade planets and conquer civilizations to collect $Viltrumite, which is the most valuable resource in the entire universe.
The purchase of fuel for long trips through known space is also essential. However, there are civilizations that surpass us in weapons technology, only the strongest legionary fleets with intelligent commanders can present battle to these alien empires. As the difficulty and risks increase, so do the $Viltrumite rewards.
To invade planets, players must create legionary fleets of warrior pilots and beastly starships and ensure they have the necessary fuel for the journey. Each legionary fleet will be able to hunt once every 24 hours, assuming it has the necessary fuel.
For example, if the first invasion of your legionary fleets took place at 07:00 AM. meter. on Saturday, you will be able to invade again with these legionary fleets starting at 07:00 AM. m. Sunday. ahead. All information is on your dashboard.

2 Warrior Pilots

Warrior pilots are the troops, the heart and soul of fleets. They are the ones who risk their lives in war and protect humanity.
Players can summon warriors for a fixed value in Busd which will have x% combat experience score depending on the luck of the summoners as each warrior pilot is unique.
The more experienced warrior pilot will give greater strategic and attack power to your legions, the more attack power and experience a legion has, the more planets you can invade and the higher probability of success in collecting $ Viltrumite.
The summoning fee is 20 busd per warrior pilot. The hiring fee can be adjusted based on our automaton AI robot.
You can also choose to summon all the warrior pilots at once, by selecting from the dropdown menu.
warrior pilot LVL 1

3 Beastly Spaceships

The Bestial Space Ships are the transport of each legion. Many civilizations are superior in technology and weaponry, this is where Beast Starships are essential. They are constantly updated and with the latest technology, they transport troops and supplies for combat, and are also used to locate and combat enemy legions.
Like warrior pilots, beastly spaceships can be crafted for a fixed value in busd and will have x% power depending on their equipment and model, depending on the summoner's luck on the quality of the materials. Higher quality and more powerful beast starships are stronger and can carry more warrior pilots per invasion.
The usual crafting fee is 20 busd (in $Viltrumite) for Beastly Spaceships. The summoning fee can be adjusted according to the AI ​​robot automaton. You can also choose to purchase multiple Beast Starships at once by selecting from the dropdown menu.
Beast Starships LVL 1

4 Legionary Fleets

Warrior pilots and beast starships can be combined to form legionary fleets by clicking the "Create Legion" button on the board or on the legions page. A legionary fleet can contain a maximum of 10 beast starships and the strength of these beasts will determine how many warrior pilots the legionary fleets can contain.
You can always add warrior pilots and beast starships to your legion fleets assuming you haven't reached 10 beast star ships, however it is impossible to disband legion fleets and remove warrior pilots/beast star ships from a legion fleet.
Since building your legionary fleets will result in potential attack power, it is important to build your legionary fleets with a clear strategy. In order for the Legionary Fleets to invade daily, they must have the fuel, which will be paid for in $Viltrumite.
Training to create legionary fleets costs 0.5 busd for each warrior pilot and/or beast starship added (in $Viltrumite). More warrior pilots and/or beast starships can be added to existing legionary fleets, provided there are less than 10 beast starships in the legion fleets and/or there is spare capacity for warrior pilots.
The additional fee for invasion fuel will be paid in $Viltrumita. The exact calculation is covered in the Planetary Invasion Fuel section. There is no limit to the number of searches a wallet can do per day.
legionary fleets