Independent company Cryptomine Space X

Cryptomine Space X, is a state-of-the-art NFT Play-To-Earn game on the BSC network, with a cool Balanced Oracle AI system for a sustainable game economy. By just playing a few minutes each day, you can earn Viltrumite Tokens (VLT), which can be converted to any currency you like.
Viltrumite is the native utility token used for:
NFT mining in the game. Receive game rewards. Buy fuel to invade planets and complete missions. Buy NFTs from other users in the in-game market.
Cryptomine Space X is run by an Azazel IV developer with several years of experience in both Blockchain and programming technologies as well as management. Juan Azazel IV is the cryptocurrency expert of the team, with extensive experience and knowledge of Blockchain. He has several years of experience in space technologies and programming languages. Their goal is to continue learning and gaining knowledge by constantly obtaining information so that one day they can implement this technology in everyday life.
What makes Cryptomine Space X unique?
Cryptomine Space X has created a solution to protect the longevity of the project and reward the officers who stay. Robot Automata AI, Protector of Cryptomine Space X. AI controls the economy of the ecosystem to help game rewards maintain their value over time. Unclaimed rewards are not only tied to BUSD, but AI also employs sensitive and adjustable taxes to make it efficient.
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